Dating Lightning Canning Jars

Make your own medicinal oils and tonics from herbs.. , were widely produced until about . " This stopper is seen rarely on U. earliest advertisements for the Lightning jar date back to the year 1.   Weeks & Potter was a Boston proprietary medicine (and apparently liquor) concern, founded in and operating well into the 20th century (Odell :92).. HazelAtlas Glass Company bottles, jars, marks, history, summary, manufacturers marks logo, symbol on glass, glassware, depression glass tableware.

  View the The tall, narrow bottle pictured to the right represents a very common olive bottle style that appears to have originated in the very early s or possibly late s and was popular through at least the early s. There could be legitimate Lightning jars with Putnam 227 on base, although Ive never actually asked anyone if they have one in their collections. ) Tremendous numbers of white milkglass liners (the miniature round glass plates or saucers that fit inside zinc screwthreaded lids made for Masonstyle fruit jars) were produced, as well as canning jars (fruit jars) including the ATLAS jars for general household use; packer ware (generic containers for a multitude of common food products such as mayonnaise, spaghetti sauce, mustard, jams and jellies, coffee, peanut butter, applesauce, etc, as well as nonfood items like cosmetics, salves, medicines, chemical liquids), as well as a wide variety of other containers for products of every description.

  This simplified square style appears to have gradually displaced the square gothic bottles during the s (empirical observations). Perry (),  N. the sealing closure.

The Economy jars were among the first widemouth jars, and thus, were easy to fill. The Owens Illinois Glass Company of Toledo, OH registered the trademark "Duraglas" on September 23, claiming its use since November .

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, same glass thickness and quality (Tooley ; Glass Industry ). Norwalk Dating   This bottle dates from the early 20th century. Dating Website Username Suggestions Fifty to 70 F is the ideal storage temperature for canned products. Dating Scene At Emory Value depends on embossing, color and size.   They were also used after that time on machinemade liquor flasks into Prohibition ("medicinal" liquor) and likely through the s and possibly later. Jars Lightning Canning Dating The earliest advertisements for the Lightning jar date back to the packing jars that homemakers later used for canning. Dansk Dating Site $150. Can Casual Dating Become a Relationship Pisces Man Dating a Pisces Woman

  Applied finishes were increasingly uncommon (and replaced by tooled finishes) on most other bottle types beginning in the late s for smaller bottles and the mids for larger bottles. Today you can frequently find numbers on new jars that indicate date of manufacture, plant location, job number, etc. Lightning Canning Jars Dating This twopart lid system transformed home canning safety and is still in use today. Yongseo 2015 Dating Today the scarce find proves that one eras trash is anothers treasure. Later, another major jar manufacturer and Consolidateds bitter rival the Hero Fruit Jar company (Hero being in reference to the civil war. After the close of the war, manufacturers did not return to the use of manganese dioxide. The following is from Holscher (, from Berge ) about the early history of cork:   This combination of diagnostic characteristics make the bottle difficult to date though a composite of the usual date ranges for these particular features would point towards manufacture in the s.