Kai Exo and Krystal F X Dating

Priscilla.. I was immature myself only a year ago and now Im 13 and I refrain myself from bashing anyone what so ever. Regardless, Im not trying to throw shade on Krystal . Considerthis:. Beautiful beautiful (Girl wo hui jiang ni peng zai shou zhong) Oh you beautiful beautiful (xiao xin yi yi fang zai wo huai zhong) Oh you beautiful beautiful (hai pa shi qu ni My lady) Oh you beautiful beautiful. ! Feb 17 11:32 am.

  1. Anon .
  2. Theres difference between looking pissed off and looking stoic.
  3. We have the same name krystal!
  4. Days. Youre good At dancing, si ging and acting.

Miela if u dont like her very much just go away krystal unnie just be her self . Is Ariana and Tom Still Dating 2015 Sounds like a personal problem to me. Krystal X Exo and F Kai Dating – She was cast from S. A lot of other people like her and you make them feel Dating Coach Evan bad. ! ! Theres no one like her or as perfect. Fighting Krystal <3 with Loveee. You look cold but I bet youre really nice and cute. The rumours swirling around EXO member Kai and f(x)s Krystal Jung are reportedly true. Im still trying to find out what I like, what I really really like.

  1. Remembers villain Namgoong Min and model Jin Ah Reum made their relationship official in February after having dated for seven months.
  2. Cheer up and Good luck. Isnt better to just spend time on something you like?
  3. So far, Krystals Instagram account doesnt provide a clue about her relationship with Kai.
  4. <3 :) Max kay.
  • Who is your f(x) bias?
  • Oct 20 11:06 pm.
  • Reila Armenta.
  • Omg loved her in High kick 3 and her bbuing bbuing and stupid compilations. Oct 18 12:44 pm.
  • Hey :) Kystal u are surely my inspiration!

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