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Knife Terms; The Language of Swordplay MWI :.  Some of the ladies have children and others have pets. the tendency to extend the purpose of a program, to expand the intent of a project, or to exceed the original boundaries of an operation, putting the participants into difficult or unforeseen circumstances, and causing the goals to change; it is the process by which military operations morph into paramilitary operations, such as combat elements performing civic action and humanitarian aid, or vice versa. This inflammatory condition (chafing) produces an itchy redness that causes the victim to walk straddle or bowlegged, reminiscent of a chimpanzee or baboon; this uncomfortable malaise is also called "swamp ass", "dookie booty", "bleacher butt", "roseate fundament", "red ass", "crotch rot", and so forth.. Perrty Officer Petrill is assigned to the Office of the Chief Prosecutor at the Office of Military Commissions. the tightly folded side seams of the uniform shirt that are held in place by properly aligned and buckled trousers, which presents a smooth taut appearance, because military clothing sizes are only approximate at best. Asian slang for a jail or prison, probably by ogy with the caged condition of the prisoners, but possibly by allusion to the antics of the immured captives; see BRIG, STOCKADE, GUARDHOUSE, CROSSBAR HOTEL, LBJ, TANK, CLUB FED, ADULT DAY CARE CENTER, THE CASTLE, HOT HOUSE, USDB. MSG :

  • But, he was determined to do something when he saw a notice in the paper about Volunteer Fairfax.
  • Following her internship and graduation, Brianna accepted the position of Marketing and Communications Specialist at PRS, Inc.
  • For information about the many ways you can show your gratitude to veterans this November, and throughout the year, go to www.
  • Visit homelessness has dropped over 30%.
  • Ostensibly derived from a fictitious bungling mechanic in the USN educational cartoons of s; but actually originating with USAF Captain Edward A. Also, short for CAPTAINS MAST; see ROCKS n SHOALS, OFFICE HOURS, BLUE BOOK.
  • An indelible mark or sign, specific to a particular unit and often personalized, thats tattooed onto a MILPERS body in a unique location, for the purpose of identifying the individuals corpse after dismemberment on the battlefield; also called a "torso tattoo", "devils mark" or "witchs mark".

See SARGE, BUCK, RIGHT ARM, FIRST SHIRT, TOP, NCO, SUPER GRADE, RATING, GRADE, RANK. Compare BA, CO; see PAPASAN, BABYSAN. Jean Piaget classifies childrens games into three categories: Groves, then obtained sufficient amounts of the two necessary isotopes to assemble the devices.   Volunteer Fairfax provides materials and a light lunch and the volunteers supply their creativity, inspirational messages, and sometimes bring their own special materials. Both Kevin and Maia have officially joined Volunteers for Change with just a bit of encouragement from Nadia.   RSVPNV, a program of Volunteer Fairfax is designed to engage folks 55 in meaningful service, a mission that aligns perfectly with the living healthy longer mission of NVSO. See CBR, MOPP, JSLIST, CPOG, BUNNY SUIT, BLUE SUIT, HGEAR, GAS MASK, DEMILITARIZE.

McAdam), as distinguished from cobblestone and corduroy, and also known by the Briticism "road metal". " by G.

"Stalins Organ" was nickname for WWII mobile "rocket" launchers cf: MONROE DOCTRINE :

  She realized she was over the income limit and no longer qualified. "long home" is slang for gravesite; v:

In loco parentis nb: Whos Dating Who Celebrities 2013 THE MAN ON HORSEBACK :

The Mountain and Winter Warfare Board was assisted by members of the Sierra Club in developing specialized equipment, including boots, mummystyle sleeping bags, mountain stoves and rations, a rucksack that converted skis into a toboggan, and the first operational snowmobile (IRON DOG). Magnetic Anomaly Detector, being a device trailed from a fuselage extension to about ft in AntiSubmarine Warfare (ASW) searches; also called "MAD gear"; see GUPPY, ORION; compare LITTLE BUDDY.

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