Hotel is part of the hotel complex Jumeirah Beach International Resort, a 25-30 minute drive from Dubai Airport. The height of the hotel – 321 meters. It is unique in its architecture building built in the shape of the sail at an artificially erected in the island 280 meters from the shore. On each floor has its own reception and services.

Hotel Facilities: Restaurant “Al Muntaha” – “Seventh Heaven”, is situated at an altitude of 200 m above sea level, a restaurant for seafood lovers “Al Mahara”, which can be reached after about 3 minutes on a submarine from the hotel lobby, “Al Iwan -Sea View “- a restaurant, an oasis of culinary delights,” Bab Al Yam “- Gateway to the Sea – a cafe-restaurant with a wonderful view of the sea,” Juna “- Eye of the Sun – a small restaurant, where well watch the sunset.
On the 18th floor – a wellness center “Assawan Spa” with separate gyms for men and women, with swimming pools, Jacuzzi, massage and beauty treatments. On the 27th floor has a conference hall equipped with the latest technology and luxurious banquet room with outdoor terrace