Experience the ultimate Painting. This is your space were you can freely express yourself while you Jam your way away on a canvas. Enjoy the fun colors, and explore your creativeness. This is the experience, were you don’t necessary have to think, as your hands will do all the work, no rules no regulation- Just Jamming.

Spectators: There could be other participants available in the same environment. The Experience: This is the experience; you can explore your creative side and enjoy freelance painting. Once you arrive at your Jam Jar session, you will first be greeted by the fun and friendly atmosphere, which will set you in high spirits. After that you will be supplied with the necessary equipments for your session, next move into your space to begin your Jam Jar session. Look around, or ask for some inspiration to what you would like to paint on your own canvas, or just simply let the hands do the work as this is nothing but Jamming. During your session, enjoy unlimited refreshments; you have a choice of tea/coffee or soda. Now that you have created your own Jam Jar Art; today became your perfect day, after this Jam experience. But wait we will also deliverer your Jam Jar Art work home.

Age/Vital Information: 3 and above