We offer you a chance to dip yourself in an atmosphere of luxury and spend an unforgettable day at one of the world’s finest hotels- Burj Al Arab.

The Middle East and luxury are inseparable, the interior of this hotel is decorated with precious materials- gold, Brazilian marble, rare types of wood, hand-made works and unique mosaic. Inside the hotel you will find waterfalls and singing fountains as well as two enormous aquariums with coral reefs and various fish.
As part of this trip, you will have a chance to laze on the beach, take a stroll through a shopping gallery and have a meal at the Japanese Junsui restaurant. Finally you will relax at the world renowned Assawan Spa located on the 18th floor with a great view from every room. There you will find a couple of pools, Jacuzzi, therapy rooms, massage cabins, sauna, steam room and gym for both men and women all at your disposal.We would like to offer you two packages:

  • Back massage (25 Minutes) + 7 course afternoon tea in Jinsui (11:00- 17:00)
  • Full body massage (55 Minutes) + Dinner (Buffet) at Junsui. (11:00- 20:00)